Jul 15, 2009

Cool-looking Sake

Yesterday, I finally drank Chokaisan Gentei Junmai Ginjo, sake that was given in the July's SakeSwap event.

Please have a look at the picture below. What do you say? It looks cool, doesn't it?

In spite of the alcohol content of 15%, this is genshu (undiluted sake). The first aroma note is refreshing but not too much assertive, which has impressed me favorably. Quite strong acidity stimulates taste buds on your tongue and brings you coolness. This is light drinkable sake, but is also savory sake, which is because of genshu, I guess. The sake has a crispy aftertaste, and I feel only little bitterness (I am not very good at bitterness).

I enjoyed this sake with cucumber with soybean paste this time. I still have half of the bottle, so I want to try this sake with some sashimi next time.

Today's Sake
Chokaisan Gentei Junmai Ginjo (Tenju Shuzo Co., Ltd.)
Rice used: Akita-sake-komachi
Seimaibuai: 55%
Alcohol: 15%
Sake meter value: (+)3.8
Acidity: 2.0
Amino acid: 0.7
Yeast: NI-2

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