Feb 3, 2012

Soul sake

For the Japanese, sake is not a mere alcoholic beverage but it is very special. Since early times, sake was given important roles and appeared in various scenes such as in ceremonial occasions for the coming of age, marriage, funeral and ancestral worship, religious rituals, prayer for victory by samurais

In these days, people have a wide range of choice of alcoholic drinks and beer and other beverages have gained in popularity. However, when it counts, sake is a must. I have never heard that they exchange cups of wine in Shinto wedding ceremony

Low priced sake is enough for evening drink. Sake drunk feelingly in the evening gently praises the effort and industry of the drinkers on the day, give their mind and body energy, and restores the drinkers' will to work hard again tomorrow. Such sake is nice sake.

The video I present below was a commercial message of sake that was once being produced in Iwate Prefecture, and I think this short movie is well depicting how people enjoy and love sake.

The following is the lyrics of the song, with their reading and my translation:

岩手故郷よ  (Iwate furusato yo:  Iwate my homeland)
やさしい郷だよ  (Yasashii kuni dayo:  is a gentle land.)
雨も風もな  (Ame mo kaze mo na:  Rain and wind,)
人情もまろいよ  (Ninjo mo maroi yo:  and also peoples heart are mellow and round.)

遠く離れてもよ  (Toku hanaretemo yo:  Even apart far away,)
心は帰るよ  (Kokoro wa kaeruyo:  my heart returns home)
牛追い唄がな聞こえる道をよ  (Ushioiuta ga na kikoeru michi wo yo:  along the way hearing someone's song driving cows.)

心の酒です岩手川  (Kokoro no sake desu Iwategawa  The soul sake Iwategawa)

Unfortunately, the brewery was closed down in 2006, and we can't drink this sake any longer. 


soul of Japan said...

Nice post! Thanks for sharing.

Ichibay said...

Tony san,
I almost could have a chance to drink this sake.
The following is why I could NOT drink this sake:
We had a drinking party and participants were to bring their recommended sake to the party. One lady were bringing a 1.8-litter bottle. Unfortunately, she dropped the bottle on stairs of a train station, and it broke. And the lucky stairs could enjoy this precious drink.

soul of Japan said...

What a sad story. What a pity you weren't able to drink that BIG bottle. If I had a straw I would drink it from the stairs.