Sep 22, 2009

Recent Sake Report

Last Friday, I went to Tachikawa for drinking some sake alone. First, I visited my friend’s izakaya restaurant Marusan-Shoten. Unfortunately, the restaurant was full to capacity. The friend told me apologetically that they usually have many customers Fridays and on weekends. So, I went to another izakaya, Mamiana.

Mamiana has various sakes from different places in Japan. The restaurant chief is a great sake lover and he selects sake to offer at his restaurant every month by himself. This time, I had Naraman, Mogamigawa, and Kurumazaka. They were all nice.

And yesterday (Monday), I had a phone call from a drinking friend, and we agreed to meet at Tachikawa for some drink. We planned to go Marusan-Shoten. No problem this time. There were enough seats.

Marusan sells sake and foods at reasonable prices. The most inexpensive yakitori is offered at only 70 yen. Their sake is mostly served in tiny 180-ml bottles, which are easy to empty, and you can always enjoy fresh sake.

In spite of the fact that they had many tiny bottles to offer, we ordered a 720-ml bottle, which the restaurant chief had been keeping as a special menu. That was Horaisen “Roku” of Sekiya Brewery in Aichi prefecture. For sake drunkards, 180-ml bottle is too small.

This “Roku” is yamahai junmiai namazake, but does not exhibit that strong impression, which many yamahai sakes possess. Mild taste of this sake relaxes drinkers and keeps them drinking one cup after another. It was actually quite easy for two of us to finish this bottle.

Today's Drunkard
Video taken last year. Kisa, the leader of our kimono club, enjoys beer wearing kimono and her favorite wig.

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