Sep 30, 2009

Outdoor Sake

Located on the border between Yamanashi and Nagano prefectures and listed as a member of the 100 great mountains of Japan, Kimpu Mountain stands 2599 meters high above the sea level. My friends and I climbed this mountain last Sunday. It was an amazing mountain.

Unfortunately, after we started climbing, it became misty as we got close to the summit. We could not see Mt. Fuji, Southern Japan Alps, Yatsugatake, and other mountains, which were supposed to be in our view. Nevertheless, walking on the trail in the coniferous woods studded with deciduous trees such as birches was merry and comfortable. This was nice woods bathing. Due to the high elevation, the deciduous leaves had already begun to turn yellowish or reddish, contrasting well with the dark green of the conifers. In addition, the ground in the woods covered with moss was beautiful.

The summit is above the timberline and we saw many stunted pine trees in its vicinity. I guess we can see many types of alpine flowers in summer.

Today's Drunkard
I also drink sake even on a mountaintop!

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