Jan 17, 2011

Hot bath on a cold day

Now, Japan is in the coldest season of the year. With cold hands and feet, it is difficult to fall asleep in bed.

In that case, I like taking a hot bath.

Recently I used the bath agent "Hakutsuru no Sakeburo" (白鶴の酒風呂<大吟醸酒配合>). This is a bath agent that contains some components of daiginjo sake.
I can pour some 200 ml of sake in the bathtub, but I feel reluctant to use sake for bathing. This is because I, of course, prefer drinking it to using it in the bath. So, this bath agent, which one of my friends kindly gave to me, is just for people like me.

The sake bath, which has moisturizing and conditioning effects of your skin, warms up your body, and relaxing you, makes me quite comfortable, finally finding myself singing a sanguine song.

Today's Sake
Funaguchi Kikusui Ichibanshibori (Kikusui Shuzo)
When I was unfamiliar with sake and I had just poor experience of namazake and genshu, I drank this sake (at that time, the sake was contained in a yellow can) for the first time on a Shinkansen bullet train from Niigata. At that time, I was impressed by the sake very much and realized what namazake was. Maybe, this was the experience that ushered me into the world of namazake.


V. said...

After your Hakutsuru bath, you need to use my Hakutsuru sake-kasu shave cream!

I didn't know the Funaguchi Ichibanshibori comes in a bottle, but I like to take the cans with me when I go skiing!

Ichibay said...


Hakutsuru sake-kasu shave cream after Hakutsuru bath sounds great.

This is the first time I drink the bottled version of Funaguchi Ichibanshibori. The canned version is perfect for on-the-go people, isn't it?

Jasmin Shakespeare said...

Mmm, well, too much alcohol on a hot bath might be a bit risky, but I guess it's okay when done in moderation, or as something to bathe in. It does feel nice to have a hot bath when it's way cold outside! It's very soothing.

Ichibay said...

Once I dreamed that I was bathing in a big bath tub filled with sake.
Unfortunately, I cannot afford so much sake to put in my bath tub.