Jan 19, 2011

Sake cake

When I visited Ishikawa Brewery, which is making Tamajiman sake, for collecting stamps for the Sake stamp rally the other day, I bought "Daiginjo Cake" at the souvenir shop there. On the carton box, there was a description saying "the cake was aged after being infiltrated by daiginjo sake."

A delicate bouquet well matches the elegant sweetness of the cake.

Today's Sake
Kirinzan Junmaishu (Kirinzan Shuzo)
These days, I often train myself for a sake expert test (sake tasting test) to be held in Niigata in March. I select sakes from the junmai, honjozo, and other similar classes, and sample and compare them. Among them, this Kirinzan Jumaishu is nice, having sweetness of rice.


thesoulofjapan said...

I've tried this in Niigata a few years ago. I like it.

Ichibay said...

Tony san,
Oh, good! You tried sake sake?!
No! You tried Kirinzan. Right?

thesoulofjapan said...

Yes. Kirinzan in Tsubame at a sushi shop calledおさかなてい