Mar 11, 2011

Preparing for sake tasting exam

As I wrote in the previous post, Niigata Sake no Jin will be held for two days starting tomorrow.

On Sunday, I will be going to take the exam for "Kin no Tatsujin" (Gold Expert), in which the examinees will taste 10 sakes and how many they can identify will be checked. So, in the final preparation for the exam, I trained my tongue and nose today.

Actually, I took the same exam last year, and failed. Since there were as many as 10 sakes to taste, I was confused in the exam. In the training I had today, I tasted 5 sakes, which is far less than the real exam, but I managed to tell all the sakes. So, I feel relieved a bit.

For the Sunday's exam, I am going to use the following tactics based on the self-examination about the exam last year:

1. Stay calm during the exam.
2. First, roughly determine the type of each sake, and then find difference between similar sakes.
3. Do not try very hard to find characteristics of sake, but focus only on distinct characteristics.


Simon Key said...

A very interesting post Ichiro San.

I wish you all the best for Sunday and I hope all is well where you are today.

Ichibay said...

Simon san,
Thanks for the comment.
Unfortunately, the exam was postponed due to the series of the earthquakes that hit Japan from Yesterday's afternoon to this morning.
Anyway, people in my place seem all right now.