Nov 15, 2008

The Opening of Tachikawa Yataimura Paradise

In Tachikawa City, Tokyo, the Yataimura Paradise ( was opened yesterday. This is a small food squire consisting of ten and several retro-style small restaurants. We went there as first visitors of this pleasant place.

The place opened 5:00 p.m. and we reached there 5:15. The place was not so crowded at first, but only after about an hour, the seats of most restaurants were occupied by customers.

We first went to a yakitori shop, and then Okinawa food restaurant. Employers of those restaurants looked not very accustomed to handling their jobs because of the first time for them to perform their jobs. Actually, when I paid for the food in the first yakitori restaurant, we were the first customers for this restaurant who were to pay money. A cashier calculated the sum very awkwardly while we were waiting patiently. Finally, she calculated the sum. I gave her a 10-thousand bill. She opened the cash register, ... . and found no change there!! Oooops! They seemed to have forget to prepare changes.

Anyway, this is a pleasant place and there no place like this in my vicinity, so I am sure that I will frequently visit this place in the future.

Shichihonyari Junmai Wataribune (Tomitashuzo)
After visiting the Yataimura Paradise, we went to a restaurant run by my acquaintance. There, knowing that I was interested in this sake, he kindly kept it for me. This is for me the second sake using the rice variety Shiga-wataribune-roku-go. This sake is mild on your palate, leaving flinty impression.
Rice used: Shiga-wataribune-roku-go
Seimaibuai: 77%
Alcohol: 15 to 16%
Sake meter value: (+)6
Acidity: 2.1

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