Jan 18, 2009

Now, Ichibay Is Making Tokyo Sake Map

I have made Tokyo Sake Map at Tokyo Sake Site. This map could be created easily; I just got together data of sake breweries in Tokyo and liquor shops carrying Tokyo sake and put in the Google map, and I placed a link to this map at my Web site. ( http://tokyojizake.web.fc2.com/Tokyo_sake_map_page.htm: This is the Japanese page, and the English page is partly completed, too.)

I just placed data including company names of sake breweries, addresses, telephone numbers, sake products of them, etc. at the site. So, the work was easily done as to sake brewery data. However, liquor shop data is difficult to collect. (Someone, help! Please, give me data about liquor shops carrying Tokyo sake.)

Yesterday, I visited a liquor shop in Tachikawa City, Tokyo. It was a liquor shop in Seijoishii LUMINE Tachikawa Store. To my delight, they had quite a large selection of Tokyo sake products; they had Sawanoi, Kasen, and Kisho. I talked about my intention of placing liquor shop data at my Web site to one of the staff there. Then, she showed an interest in the map and kindly told me about what they had in the shop. Off course, as soon as I got home, I added the data of this liquor shop to the map.

-- Tokyo sake products sold in the shop --

By the way, this staff was quite a cheerful lady, and it was nice that we could enjoy a chat about sake.

Today's Sake
Tamura (Tamura Shuzoujou)
Elegant flavor of this sake is quite similar to the one of Haru-no-yoi of the same brewery, which I mentioned in the previous article. However, Tamura is more impressive in the boldness of taste.
Rice used: Ginginga
Seimaibuai: 55%
Alcohol: 16 - 17%
Sake meter value: (+)1
Acidity: 1.7

-- Emptied bottles of Tamura (left) and Haru-no-yoi (right) --

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