Mar 10, 2009

Sawanoi Sake Drinking Party

Sawanoi Sake Drinking Party was held at Izakaya Nanoka in Tachikawa City, on March 1. Fifteen people attended the party.

We often hold drinking parties as Tokyo Sake events. In such a party, many of the participants are frequenters. However, to my delight, I could meet five new faces this time. I hope they will become more interested in Sawanoi and other Tokyo Sakes.

This time, we focused on limited sake products from Sawanoi, which were usually difficult to purchase. As a result, many of the prepared sakes were fresh or intense-flavor sakes such as namazake and nigori-zake. So, I consulted the owner of the restaurant and decided to prepare Junmai Honjizake and Godanjikomi, which are year-round sake products of Sawanoi, to balance between different flavors.

We could compare different flavors of tasty Sawanoi sakes and had quite pleasant time. Even if they were from the same sake brewery, each product had its uniqueness in flavor and fragrance. Finding slight differences between different sakes, we enjoyed the drinking.

For myself, all sakes were nice, but I was impressed by the following sakes:

Risshun Asashibori (立春朝搾り): Junmai Ginjo Nama Genshu (純米吟醸生原酒)
Flavor had well been generated. Pleasant to palate.

Kuramori 1997 (蔵守1997): Long-aged sake (長期熟成酒)
It had Crisp and clear impression as a long-aged sake. I liked it.

Nakagumi Ginjo (中汲み吟醸) BY19
I felt this was quite classy sake. Indescribable modesty in taste and mildness on the tongue.

Today's Sake
Kubiki (Kubiki Shuzo)
I found this cup type sake on the shelf in a Ministop convenience store in my vicinity. This was a genshu and was quite dry. I am sure it goes well with various types of food.
I don't know why, but Ministop carries goods with the Kubiki brand, such as Rice Ice-cream, bath agent containing sake essence.
Alcohol: 19 - 20%

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