Nov 17, 2009

Sake Brewery Stamp Rally

I am participating in the stamp rally "Visiting Sake Breweries by Seibu Railway Line." Participants are to visit some or all of the specified breweries in Saitama and Tokyo, which are located along or relatively close to Seibu lines to collect stamps of breweries. After collecting stamps, I will participate in the prize competition for bottles of sake.

On the day when I visited Tamura Syuzoujou for sake brewery study tour, I first visited Ishikawa Brewery to collect the Tamajiman stamp, and then went to Tamura Syuzoujou, where I of course obtained the Kasen stamp.

Later, on another day, I went to Ozawa Syuzou to collect the Sawanoi stamp. Thus, I easily collected the three stamps since my home is along the JR Ome Line and these breweries are also along the same line.

October 11, my friend and I went for drive to see autumn leaves in a Chichibu area. Of course, this was a good opportunity to visit some breweries in the area.

Bukou Syuzou for the brand name "Bukou-Masamune"

The shop building has been registered as national tangible cultural property. They have a wide merchandise assortment.

The mother water has been registered as one of the 100 excellent spring waters of the Heisei period (from 1989). Bring a PET bottle and be given some of the water.

Yao Honten known for the brand name "Chichibu-Nishiki"

In contrast to Bukou Shuzou, the factory of Yao Honten has modern facilities.

The souvenir store for tourists and sake brewery museum are on the premises of the brewery. These establishments can be visited at ease. Beside sake, the souvenir store sells shochu, wine, and other local products.

We had lunch at the restaurant "Nosaka" close to Seibu Chichibu Station.

Pork miso bowl is sold at 850 yen. Charbroiled pork is very hot, soft and juicy.

In any case, autumn leaves in the Chichibu area were like those in these pictures (taken at a point close to Ashigakubo Station).

Finally, we visited Igarashi Syuzou brewing "Tenranzan.

The brewery displays antique items representing their history in their cozy little direct sales store.

So, by this day, I had collected six stamps.