Dec 19, 2009

Mystery of Namazake Flavor

I love namazake that has a certain flavor "characteristic of namazake."

The flavor "characteristic of namazake," which I consider to be a right expression, is very difficult to describe by words.

"Tarekuchi" by Taiyo Syuzou, Junmai Muroka Nama "Yuho" by Mioya Syuzou, and Tamajiman Sake-wa-Tanoshiku Nama from Ishikawa Brewery have this flavor. Biwa-no-Sasanami from Asahara Syuzou, which I recently drank, also has this flavor "characteristic of namazake." Oh, I must not forget to mention Kikusui Funaguchi Ichiban-Shibori, aluminum-canned sake, which also has a rich flavor "characteristic of namazake."

I wonder where that namazake flavor comes from or what ingredient of sake causes that flavor. I must continue to drink more types of sake to solve my question.

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