Feb 22, 2010

Lone Drinker

Yesterday, I went out for shopping to Tachikawa City. Then, I dropped in an izakaya to enjoy some sake alone.

Foods grilled on a charcoal brazier and a wide selection of sake, shochu, and other alcohol beverages are the sales points of this izakaya Aburi-izakaya Oumi. They offer drinks and foods at reasonable prices. The sake types they are carrying are as many as around 35.

I were already in front of the restaurant 15 minutes earlier than the opening time, which was 5 p.m. So, I walked around in the vicinity to see if something interesting could be found. After not having found anything special but anyhow having filled the time, I entered the izakaya at just 5 p.m. There were two young guys working inside, restaurant manager and waiter.

The interior of this izakaya created a tranquilizing atmosphere with old-fashioned Japanese taste. Traditional paper-made kites displayed on the wall added to the mood along with other miscellaneous ornamental elements. I took a seat at the counter, which had a thick broad counter top. I like large space on the table.

Sometimes I want to go for light drinking alone. Nonetheless, just silently continuing drinking alone is not very interesting. It is sometimes fun to have moderate conversation with izakaya staff. Yesterday, which fell on a Sunday, when I entered the restaurant, there were no other customers. So, I could say I, as a lone drinker, went there in a good timing since I could enjoy talking about sake with the staff.

This restaurant allows their customers to order sake by the unit of 0.5 gos (90 milliliters). So, they can order many types of sake by little and little. As to me, I drank the following sake yesterday:

- Okunokami (屋守): Sake made in Tokyo. Sensation of namazake is attractive.
- Dassai (獺祭): 48% daiginjo sake. Light graceful taste.
- Daruma-masamune Three-year Aged (達磨正宗三年熟成): The brewery of this sake adheres to making aged sake. This time the sake was too cold. I believe it would taste better at room temperature or when warmed.
- Tempoichi Junmai Super-dry Nama (天寶一純米超辛口本生): Very dry but has a good taste.
Ikki Junmai Ginjo Nama (一喜純米吟醸生): Sweetish but tasty
Shinkame Junmai Karakuchi (神亀純米辛口): Very good! I like it.
Boujimaya Junmai Origarami (坊島屋純米おりがらみ): Exhibits a somehow inorganic impression. Not bad.

When nearly two hours had past after I entered the restaurant, I felt slightly drunk. So, I quitted drinking and left there. When I, drinking alone, feel satisfied with drinking, I can stop and go home since no one dissuades me leaving for home. It is a good point of drinking alone.

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