May 14, 2010

Story of Three Happy Drinkers

Once upon a time, there lived three happy sake drinkers, who were a lady and two guys.

One day, they got together and went to an izakaya bar to drink sake.
They started drinking with Gassan (月山) and Tenmei (天明). Then, they had Kozaemon (小左衛門), Gikyo (義侠), Yukigasumi-no-sato (雪がすみの郷), Suiki (翠喜), and Suiro (翠露). By the time a bottle of the prestigious Juyondai (十四代) was brought in front of them to their table, they were almost dead drunk. However, they still wanted to drink and they ordered Miyoshigiku (三芳菊) and Yoro Genshu Junmai (養老原酒 純米).

At this time, they recognized what they were drinking, but later they wouldn't remember what they were drinking. However, they thought the most important point about sake drinking was not to drink good sake but to drink happily.

Anyway, also this time, they were drinking happily. Whenever they got together, they had sake and got dead drunk happily.

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