Dec 6, 2010

Gleaming sake!

November 27, my drinking friends and I met BBQ facilities in Ome City, Tokyo. We brought sake bottles (one or two bottles for each) there and had BBQ & sake party.

This place is, to our delight, very convenient because they provide guests with various tools and tableware. They had tokkuri (pottery flasks), choko (small sake cup), and kettles, so we could even prepare warm sake there.

We made warmed sake using the leftmost bottle (Nagaokajo from Hasegawa Syuzou) and the tall brown bottle (Junmai Ginjirushi from Ozawa Syuzou) in the photo above. Both of these two bottles are nice when warmed.

In the video below, I drink Daiginjo Bon Genshu, which is a limited product of Ozawa Syuzou.

My jolly drinking friends and I are performing a skit in the video below. We had a 30-second arrangement talk and were filmed without rehearsal. Don't you think we were good actors?
The message on the back label of this sake bottle says, "This sake gleams in the mouth. See how it gleams.

At this time, I drank very much and fell asleep. While I was sleeping, these ladies ... !


Zen said...

Omoshiroi!! (^-^)

Ichibay said...

Zen san,
Omoshiroi desho?