Jul 9, 2012

Kanban-musume no longer on shelves?

Kanban-musume (燗番娘: missy in charge of sake warming, literally) from Fukumusume Shuzo is sake packaged in a can, and this can is a self-heating container allowing sake drinkers to easily enjoy drinking warmed sake without any special sake heating device anytime and anywhere.

This is an interesting product, and I wanted to introduce this sake worldwide by making and uploading the movie below. In spite of my effort, I don't lately see this product in liquor shops. Have they discontinued making and selling this product? Is the sake longer on shelves?


Anonymous said...

I heard from a friend of mine (who has heard it from his japanese friend) that the company who's making Kanban Musume self heating sake has mad a bankrupt.

Ichibay said...

I think the brewery is still operating, because I see company's other products being sold on the net.