Jun 26, 2009

New Sake Cups

I have been trying many types of sake until now, paying attention to which sake is rich in taste, which sake has a clean cut, and so on. Now, I admit that I have been somewhat indifferent to what beverageware to use.

Some of my sake friends often bring their beverageware to sake drinking parties. They bring their own cups and sometimes even their own katakuchis (bowl for pouring sake). Seeing their enjoying sake with their own favorite items, I also want to own such things.

Recently, I had a chance to drink and talk with a person who is selling sake beverageware on the Internet, and I became interested in his merchandise. I checked his site (http://www.drink-style.com/hyakkihyakusai/item/hyakki.html) and wanted to buy some pieces of his merchandise so badly. Finally, I went to the beverageware corner in the shop in Ishikawa Brewery, and bought two cups I liked. What do you think of these items? They are beautiful, aren't they?

Today's Sake
Tokubetsu Junmai Namazake Wataya (Kanenoi Shuzo)
I drank this sake in an izakaya restaurant. Information on the menu told that the rice used is Miyamanishiki and the sake meter value is +4. This time, sorry I don't have a photo.
I don't find any objectionable elements of taste and the sake runs smoothly though the throat. I feel this sake well represents the virtue of Miyamanishiki.

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