Jun 5, 2009

An Izakaya Involving a Risk?

Recently, my drinking friends and I went to the izakaya restaurant "Mujinaya," which is in a 10-minute walking distance of JR Tachikawa Station.

Using a coupon and discount services, each of us paid only 5,000 yen for foods and Jizake Nomihodai Course (in a nomihodai course, you can drink specified beverages as much as you like. Sake they had were Mutsu Hassen, Suiro, Ugo no Tsuki, Uragasumi, Shimeharizuru, and other attractive brands.

In general, a nomihodai course is like for those who place quantity before quality, and it offers you limited choices of alcohol beverages to order, which are not very expensive. However, a good point of this izakaya is that their Jizake Nomihodai Course provides you with a wide range of sake selection. In addition, while you can enjoy this Jizake Nomihodai Course over the duration of three hours (a usual nomihodai course lasts only two hours).

In this restaurant, sake can be ordered by the small glass as well as by the normal size one. The normal size glass contains 180 milliliters while the small one, 90 milliliters. So, even if you cannot drink so much, you can enjoy various types of sake.

As to food, every served item was quite good and seemed to have been carefully prepared with extra labor. In a nutshell, I was very much satisfied by the food, too.

We enjoyed various delicious sakes to our hearts' content for three hours, saying, "Hey, this Uragasumi is yummy! Have a try." or "Let me try yours. Ummmm, nice sake! I order the same one, too." Thus, we continue drinking sake one after another. Oh, this izakaya involves a grave risk of drinking too much!!!

Today's Sake
Mutsu Hassen Natu-ginjo Muroka Namazake (Hachinohe Syuzou)
The flavor is quite round, making the sake easy to drink. I drank this sake at the izakaya restaurant introduced above. At this time, I had many cups of sakes, one cup of each except this Mutsu Hassen, which I really liked and had three cup of it.
Seimaibuai: koji rice 55%, kake rice 60%
Alcohol: 13.8%

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