Oct 14, 2009

Nama Genshu and soda

The Stand-up BarSawanosuke was open at Sawanoien run by Ozawa Syuzou sake brewery limitedly on 10th and 11th of October.

By the way, my friend and I were to see takigi kagura (shinto music and dance performed under bonfire) at Mitake Shrine on October 11. And, Sawanoien is located near Sawai Station, which is one stop before Mitake Station, the station we were to get off the train. Then, what was the reason for passing Sawanoien without having some sips of sake there? Of course, we get off the train at Sawai Station.

Swanoien were attracting a lot of visitors as usual and there was a line of people in front of the kiosk where they were ordering soba noodle and other foods.

The Stand-up Bar Sawanosuke was selling "nama genshu and soda," non-pasteurized, non-diluted sake with carbonated water and ice. I tried one glass of it. A bit of citron juice had been added to this beverage. The flavor of citron mixed with briskness apparently deriving from live yeast was refreshing. With the addition of carbonated water, sake seemed to increase in its characteristic sweetness.

Before, I thought nama genshu should be drunk chilled without water or anything since I wanted to enjoy characteristic thick flavor of nama genshu. Now, I have changed my thought. Nama genshu and soda was actually nice.

(Nama genshu and soda priced at 350 yen)

(This is Sawabee, which has probably been created from the words "Sawanoi" and "beer.")

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