Oct 24, 2009

Sake Brewery in Kyushu -- Nakano Shuzo

During my trip to Kyushu from October 16 to 19, I visited Yamaguchi Shuzojo in Kurume city, Fukuoka prefecture, and Nakano Shuzo in Kitsuki city, Oita prefecture.

The visit to Nakano Shuzo occurred on October 19, my final day in Kyushu. We were driving toward Oita Airport on that day, but we had enough time before departure. So, we decided to drop in an old castle town in Kitsuki city before reaching the airport. The main street of the Kitsuki castle town runs east and west on the bottom of the small valley that is flanked by two hills. There are store buildings on both sides of the street. They are liquor shop, soy bean paste store, kimono store, etc. and many of the buildings have whitewashed walls.

I purchased a bottle of sake, local sake of Oita. This was sake brewed by Nakano Shuzo. Later, we found that the brewery was located quite close to this town. So, we decided to visit the brewery.

The brewery was in a distance of just 5-minute ride of a car.

This brewery is making sake with the brand name of "Chie-bijin." I asked a clerk what the sake brand name derived from, and learned that the wife of the brewery founder was named "Chie."

Today's Sake
Chie-bijin Genshu (Nakano Shuzo)
This sake tastes mature and sweetish, while it has a good degree of acidity. It has a wild impact.
Alcohol: 18%

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