Jul 20, 2010

Drinking with ladies is fun

Last Friday, I attended a party at izakaya Oumi in Tachikawa City for its repeat customers.

The party organizers, after obtaining the understanding from the manager of this izakaya, made this party such a wonderful event that we could drink all the sake stored in the big refrigerator at this izakaya. However, the time was limited to two hours and it was virtually impossible for us (we were about 15 people) to empty all of the several tens of 1,800-ml bottles.

Nevertheless, after paying only 4,000 yen as the entrance fee to this event, we could drink our favorite sake to our heart's content. So, this event seemed like a heaven on earth for sake lovers. They had probably more non-pasteurized sake than pasteurized sake. I was happy since I normally prefer non-pasteurized sake.

The most favorite sake I drink this day was Tokubetsujunmai Kitajima Muroka Nama Genshu (特別純米北島無濾過生原酒). The rice variety named "Wataribune" is used to make this sake.

And, just as usual, a drunken Ichibay happily enjoyed drinking with pretty women, a ha ha ha ha.

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