Feb 28, 2011

Closed-door party at an izakaya

A sake drinking party was held at Izakaya Oumi in Tachikawa City. This party occupied all seats and ordinary customers could not enter this izakaya.

This izakaya carries reasonably priced sake. They have, I think, probably 30 brands or more of sake (later, I was informed that there were at least 45 bottles). Since they sell sake also in units of half gou (90 ml), you can try many different brands for comparison. The staff are only two guys of chef and server.

There seem to be many frequent customers of this izakaya, and it often happens that you visit there several times and get acquainted with some customers. And soon you will have many new acquaintances who haunt there. One of such people planned the party this time. The number of the participants grew so large that all the seats were reserved.

I am often approached by someone who is a stranger to me, but she/he later turns to be a reader of this blog or watcher of my Youtube video. Also at this time, the person who sat next to me said to me, "Ichibay san, I believe?"

He is also a blogger and he owns a pottery hibachi, with which he warms his sake and grills snacks to be eaten with sake. In a nutshell, he seemed to have a nice drinking environment.

【日本酒】 家呑み時々外呑み 【焼酎】

Well, let's continue with the topic of this party. This was basically an all-you-can-drink party, and we can drink almost all the bottles (except for some unopened for aging) kept in the refrigerator of this izakaya. The entry fee was only 5,000 yen.

Since this was an all-you-can-drink party, I drank various types of nice sake.

There were also other bottles of which I missed taking pictures.


SofJ said...

Amazing! Thx for sharing.

Ichibay said...

Thank you for the comment.
Oh, you are Tony san! I first didn't recognize you because of the abbreviated name.
Anyway, this is a nice izakaya.

Simon Key said...

That looks like a lot of fun, and good drinking too! Thanks for sharing.

Ichibay said...

Simon Key,
Thank you for reading my blog. Yes, drinking with these sake lovers is fun.