Apr 9, 2012

The izakaya I really wanted to be in my city

Recently, I dropped in a cocktail bar, and ordered wine and some cheese. I liked cheeses with the red wine, especially Brie de Meaux and Camembert de Normandie were my favorites.

When enjoying my cheese with wine, the bar manager, knowing that I was a big sake fan, told me about a new izakaya in my city.

According to him, an izakaya opened recently on the opposite side of the railroad. "The opposite side of the railroad" for him means my side of the railroad because my house is on the side opposite to the bar.

He told me that the izakaya carried an unusually wide selection of sakes. Excited at the news, I could not help stopping wine to leave for that izakaya soon. So, paid for my two glasses of wine and cheese and left the bar. According to the instructions by the bar manager, I walked across the railroad at the nearest crossing and went to the T-junction, where I took the left. I could easily found the lighted sign of the izakaya "" (Kizuna) from quite a distance.

I could narrowly peep into the restaurant through a small latticework pane on the front door. I went inside, and there was no customer. There was a counter and a few tables. The structural design of the restaurant was like that of a bar or karaoke snack bar.

The interior wall was light-colored fake-wood-grain finished. You could tell the izakaya Kizuna had just started its operation from arranged flowers placed in corners of the restaurant.

Just the manager and I were there, and I could enjoy sake in a quiet environment.

When I looked in the menu, there was a long list of sake brands. There were Yukinobosha, Okunokami, Yuho, Dassai, Nabeshima, Juyondai, Oroku, Tensei, Jikon, Hoka, Mutsu Hassen, Yamayu, Gorin, Kudoki Jozu, Nambubijin, etc. According to the manager, the izakaya carries about 30 types of sake, focusing on Akita and Yamagata sake.

Being very happy with such a variety of sake, I thought this izakaya was a good place for going alone for some good sake. I thought I would be able to sit at the counter and enjoy talks with the izakaya manager if the place was not very crowded.

より大きな地図で 酒処の場所 を表示

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