Apr 7, 2009

Eating Lunch While Admiring Cherry Blossoms

Last Sunday, a lunch party was held by our kimono circle. The venue was in a cafe in Happo-en, an establishment intended chiefly for marriage ceremonies and bridal dinners. The Japanese garden here was beautifully maintained and we could enjoy seeing cherry blossoms.
I walked around in the garden before lunch.

Several bonsai trees were exhibited and some of these trees very old. Actually, the tree in the photo below was about 500 years old. It is amazing that this tiny tree has been alive in this world since the beginning of the 16'th century!

In the cafe, I had some beer and enjoyed the meal with other members of the kimono circle in a relaxing mood.

Pausing with kimono ladies

Today's Sake
Honjozo Shiboritate Genshu (Sasaichi Shuzo)
Dry and rich-bodied sake. Now that ginjo-shu and clean, crispy sake have gained in popularity, I am happy to find this sake, whose taste is kind of unsophisticated. I had it at ambient temperature, but want to try having it warmed next time.
Seimaibuai: 70%
Alcohol: 18 - 19%
Sake meter value: (+)8

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