Apr 15, 2009

Let's Enjoy Sake with the Brewer Master from Toshimaya Syuzou!

We will hold a drinking party to enjoy Toshimaya Sake with the brewer master of Toshimaya. I have had several opportunities to drink sake with this brewer master and have learned that he is quite a friendly person and loves drinking merrily with friends.

Yesterday, my friends and I visited the brewery master at the brewery to have a meeting. In the meeting, we talked about how to organize the sake drinking party, what types of sake to be served, and in what sequence they would be served.

After the meeting, we were invited to a short brewery tour.

In the photo below, sake mash is fermenting in the tank. The alcoholic gas smelled pungent, when I placed my head half inside the opening of the tank.

The next photo below depicts my friend who is listening to the master brewer explaining that this room is used for daiginjo fermentation. Notice the cautionary statement, which says, "Carbon dioxide gas is generated! Be careful for asphyxiation!"

Well, as to the next drinking party, through the talk with the master brewer, we concluded that we would serve sakes centering on those that were brought to sake contests and long-aged sakes while serving Toshimaya's flagship product Juemon. Why don't you join us to enjoy rare sakes from Toshimaya Syuzou with nice cuisine of the izakaya restaurant Nanoka in Tachikawa City while listening to the talk of the brewery master?

Where: At the izakaya restaurant "Nanoka" in Tachikawa City
When: 6:00 p.m. on May 24
Fee: 4000 yen
Application: You can use the following form for inquiry about the party:

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