Apr 13, 2009

Hanami in the Center of Tokyo

Hello, everybody!

Also, yesterday, I had a hanami-party (party under cherry blossoms) with friends. However, it was too late to see somei-yoshino cherry blossoms because almost of blossoms had fallen.

First, we intended to have the party in front of Yasukuni Shrine, but the shrine allows people to have picnic parties on its premises only during the limited hamani period, which has ended on April 8. So, we moved to a park beside the moat of the Imperial Palace.

I bought Kisho Junmaishu, which I found really nice in another hamani-party held the day before yesterday, at a liquor shop and brought it to the party. I was pleased that all the friends who drank this sake liked it.

Almost of the somei-yoshino blossoms had fallen, but it seemed we could still enjoy this variety for some more time.

By the way, are sakes dedicated to the Yasukuni Shrine from only Hyogo Prefecture and Kyoto Prefecture? Where is Tokyo sake? The Yasukuni Shrine is in Tokyo!

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