May 28, 2009

Rarities of Sake Brewery

There was a drinking party at the izakaya Nanoka in Tachikawa City, Tokyo, on May 24. The party titled "Drinking Contest Sake and Treasured Sake with Brewery Master from Toshimaya Syuzou" was held by the Tokyo Jizake community, which belongs to an SNS site in Japan. In this drinking event, we could meet many rarities including sake and other articles.

The served sake included sakes that had been placed in the sake tasting contests, 23-year aged kijoshu, and 17-year aged hojozo sake, which are difficult or even unable to see on shelves in liquor shops. In addition, I want to introduce rare articles, which are related to the brewery and were brought to the party by the brewery master of Toshimaya Syuzou sake brewery. Many of these articles had been stored in buildings of the brewery for many years.

They were brand-name aprons of the brewery, brand-name metal-sheet signboards, wooden lids of sake-bottle boxes, cotton hand towels, etc.

Sake tasting competition is also held at this time, and high achievers were given prizes in order of performance. Fortunately, I marked the best performance and got the apron shown below.

By the way, cotton hand towels and aprons are all right, but how will winners of the signboards and wooden lids do their prizes?

Toshimaya Syuzou will hold the "Seventh Nomikiri Open Brewery" event on June 7. You can pay 500 yen for entrance and drink different types of sake. Find your favorite sake and buy it there. I am also going to attend this event and buy my favorite sake.

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