Aug 21, 2009

Bring-your-favorite-bottle Party

It is nice to hold a party in an izakaya where you can bring your favorite bottles.

On August 11, we again held a party at Han-nari in Kichijoji Musashino city, Tokyo. Each of sake friends brought their one or two favorite bottles.

We drank Kozutsumi Natsu-nigori, Soku, Hatsuhi-Masamune, Kamoshibito Kuheiji, Koro, Kameman.

When sake lovers bring their sake, they always come with good bottles. I am happy that I can enjoy different nice sakes at a time.

Hatsuhi-Masamune Showa Hizo Label (Treasured Label of Showa Period) is a brew from Hasegawa Shuzo in Nagaoka city, Niigata prefecture and its shipment was limited to 200 bottles. I happened to find six of the 200 bottles in a nearby grocery store. Such rare and limited products induce me to buy them and I bought two bottle of this Hatsuhi-Masamune. I brought one bottle to the party.

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