Aug 10, 2009

Izakaya "Mamiama" in Tachikawa

We visited Izakaya "Mamiama" in Tachikawa city, which has opened recently.

As to foods, they chiefly serve sashimi and other seafood menus. With the sophisticated interior, the restaurant looks more like a sake bar than izakaya.

Last Friday, my friend Hide and I drank in this restaurant. I tried Bakuren and Ugo-no-Tsuki.

Suddenly, I noticed a woman was drinking alone at a nearby table. Unlike a conventional izakaya, women can probably feel at ease in this restaurant. (Izakayas are often considered to be places for men who want to get drunk.)

"Excuse me, Lady, but do you mind if I ask you to join us and enjoy sake together?"
"Oh, how come you're here, Ichibay?"
"Ah! I can't believe this! Is that you Kisa?!"
"Yes, it's me. Let's drink and get drunk together!"

The woman tuned out to be our drinking friend Kisa. We, naturally, started drinking together.

By the way, what was Hide drinking?

Thus, we three a good drinking time on that day, too.

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