Aug 2, 2009

Drinking at Harmonica Off-street Izakaya

In the Hamonika-Yokocho (Harmonica Off-street) area in Kichijoji, Tokyo, people almost brush against each other in narrow alleys. There, restaurants and izakayas, where you can have tasty foods and drinks at reasonable prices, jostle each other. Among such izakayas is "Han-nari," where we had a little drinking party on Sunday, July 26.

Lovers of sake, especially Tokyo sake, gathered. Each member brought one or two bottles of favorite brews. We had reserved the whole upstairs space for this party.

Entering from the backdoor of the restaurant, soon we found a flight of stairs leading upstairs. The tiny second floor space, apparently having the utmost capacity of 10 people, exposed to the afternoon sunlight penetrating through the windows on the west, did not seem to be a relaxing place for drinking sake. But once we started drinking, we could quite be relaxed founding this place comfortable. (I don't know why, but, apart from those having claustrophobia, people seem to find it comfortable to be in a confined small space, such as a tea-ceremony room, bathroom, closet, and probably coffin. I have never tried the last one, though.)

Sake brought this day:
Marushinmasamune Ginkara (Koyama Brewery)
Tsukimaru Junmaiginjo (Nishioka-Kawamura Shuzou Co., Ltd.) *
Kisho Ginjo Shiroyamazakura Namazake (Nozakishuzo Co., Ltd.)
Kasen Junmaiginjo Namachozoshu (Tamura Shuzoujou)
Sawanoi Junmaidaiginjo Mizunokioku (Ozawa Syuzou Co., Ltd.)
Kinkonmasamune Daiginjo Nigorizake (Toshimaya Syuzou Co., Ltd.)
Sawanoi Okunote Junmai Muroka Nama Genshu (Ozawa Syuzou Co., Ltd.)
Unlabeled sake (?)

* Tsukimaru is from Fukui Prefecture, but it was formerly being made by Nishioka Brewery, a now defunct brewery in Hachioji City, Tokyo. So, we regard this sake as honorary Tokyo sake.

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