Jun 21, 2010

Making Umeshu from Sake

Ozawa Syuzou, known for its brand name Sawanoi, is selling genshu (undiluted sake) named "Umeshu-ni-shitara-oishii-genshu" (literally means "Undiluted Sake Good for Making Umeshu (plum wine)). This sake is the undiluted version of Okutama-yusui-shikomi, the most reasonably-priced sake of the company. Its alcohol content is 20 to 21%, and it is difficult to drink this sake as-is. This sake will be easier to drink when drunk after being diluted or on the rocks. And, this sake is, as its name suggests, intended for making umeshu.

In the garden at home, there are several plum trees, and, in spite of the fact that plums suffered poor harvest this year, I had enough plum fruits for making umeshu.

So, I decided to make umeshu this year.

Using sake for umeshu makes umeshu more quickly than using shochu. Probably, I will be able to drink good umeshu in a moth.

Actually, I sipped some only two days after the day I prepared the umeshu bottle, and it tasted like almost completed umeshu! Now, I am anticipating a good finish.

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