Jun 21, 2010

Nomikiri Open to Public at Toshimaya Syuzou

It may be late to write about this, but Toshimaya Syuzou (豊島屋酒造) held a nomikiri event on June 6, Sunday. (Nomikiri is one of the sake making processes and occurs several months after the target sake is stored in a tank for aging. In a nomikiri process, the sake is tasted to check its quality.)

On that day, they opened their brewery to public. People could enter the brewery and taste their sake on the premises for an admittance fee of 500 yen. The presented sakes included the three nomikiri sakes, limited sakes, sakes sent in the National New Sake Contest in the past, sakes on shelves, and other sakes.

The following are nomikiri sakes of this year:
1. Junmai ginjo genshu (Hattan-nishiki rice is used.)
2. Junmai genshu (General rice is used.)
3. Tokusen genshu (General rice is used.)

The first sake tasted somehow blunt, but it may become better after a little aging period. As to the second sake, I could feel a pleasant sweetish sensation of rice. The third one was the most favorite sake of the three to me. It was the richest in taste, and I bought two bottles of this.

In the limited sake corner, I could sample namazake (non-pasteurized sake) and nama-chozoshu (sake only once pasteurized before shipment). The following two sakes were especially nice:
4. Junmai ginjo muroka nama genshu
5. Hyo-on san-nen junmai ginjo muroka nama genshu (sake stored for three year at the temperature of ice)
The limited sakes were being sold on that day, but they didn't have so many bottles. When I went to the selling counter, the No. 5 bottles were already sold out and someone was buying the last No. 4 bottle.
Anyway, I didn't have intention to purchase more bottles since I had already two bottles at that time.

I enjoyed this nomikiri event very much.

By the way, this brewery won a gold prize at the National New Sake Contest. Congratulations on the brewery's and toji-san's (brewer master's) achievement!

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