Jun 23, 2010

Fresh Sake in Summer

When new sake is ready for sale in the winter, I often purchase namazake made in Tokyo that I have ordered in advance at a nearby liquor shop.

Drinking new namazake is very refreshing and pleasant. However, I have a slight impression of carbon dioxide gas in winter's namazake, and feel a somehow burning taste on the tongue.

By contrast, I like namazake sold around at this time of year. Such namazake has been aged for about half a year, and is mellower and more drinkable than that drunk in winter.

Before, I had an ambiguous conception that namazake produced in Tokyo was not very good. However, reflecting the above described circumstance, it was partly because I live in Tokyo and I can drink Tokyo's newly-brewed namazake frequently in winter.

Now in summer I drink namazake from a brewery in Tokyo, and actually I think it is very nice.

Today's Tokyo sake is Kasen Funeshibori Muroka Nama Genshu (嘉泉「ふねしぼり無濾過生原酒」). I drank this tokubetsu honjozo sake several times before, but it was winter when I drank it. Now in summer, I like this sake more than before. Thus, I realized summer is a good season to drink namazake.

Anyway, of course, beer is also good in summer, especially when I drink it with being surrounded by kimono ladies in a beer garden.

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