Apr 3, 2008

Enjoying Sakura and Sake in Showa Kinen Park

On April 2, my kimono friend Kisa and I went to Showa Kinen Park. The purpose was again to see sakura blossoms. Of course, I brought a bottle of sake.
The weather of Tokyo at this time of year is somehow fluctuant. About a week ago, there were warm and comfortable days and sakura blossoms came into bloom at once in Tokyo. However, today, it was windy and cold and we had to stand the coldness while drinking sake. I only hoped this coldness would extend the period of the inflorescence so that we could enjoy the beauty of these blossoms longer.
Anyway, there were many people in the park in spite of a weekday, and I thought so many people loved admiring these blossoms. In the park, there was a temporay sake-selling stand, where we could buy additional bottle of sake for today, and also there were other several stands in which they were selling some snacks to eat with sake.
Now, we got sufficient sake and food. All we needed to do was to find a good place to sit down and drink the sake and eat food. Fortunately, the park was big enough and we can easily find a good place.

-- Today's Sake --
Tenranzan Edozukuri from Igarashi Shuzo in Han-nou City, Saitama Pref.

Sake meter value: -20 (extraordinary sweet!)
Amino acid: 2.4
Acidity: 3.0
Alcohol: 17%
Koji buai*: 35%
Rice used: Yamada-nishiki harvested in Han-nou City, Saitama Pref.
Seimai buai**: 90%

Hinodeyama from Nakajima Shuzo from Hachioji City, Tokyo

Details unknown

* Use rate of Koji-rice, on which koji mold has been cultivated
** Degree to which the rice used in brewing has been milled

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