Apr 3, 2008

Vying in Beauty under Sakura Blossoms

On March 29, only two days later than the day when we enjoyed ume blossoms, we had an opportunity to enjoy another beautiful flower, sakura (cherry blossom), one of the typical flowers representing the spring of Japan.
There are many places you can enjoy admiring sakura blossoms, and one of the most famous places is Ueno Onshi Koen, in Taito ward, Tokyo.
In the area, there is a good Japanese restaurant named Inshotei. This time, our kimono group gathered at this restaurant. After enjoying a decent lunch, we went out to the terrace of the restaurant and took some pictures. Look! The kimono ladies are vying in beauty under sakura blossoms.


Anonymous said...

boring BORING

Anonymous said...

NOT intres ted!!!