Apr 4, 2008

Sakura along Tamagawa Water Supply in Hamura

It seems that the culmination of sakura bloom is already over in the center of Tokyo, but you can still enjoy sakura along Tamagawa Water Supply in Hamura City at least until Sunday.

To visit the cherry-blossom viewing site in Hamura, you can use JR Ome line from the JR Tachikawa Station. Get off the train at the Hamura station. About 10 to 15-miniute walk brings you to the site.

Before reaching the site, you will find a liquor shop, where I often buy some of my favorite brand sake products. It is a good idea to buy a bottle of sake in this store, bring it to the cherry-blossom viewing site, and drink it there.

Tamagawa Water Supply originates in this place, where the Diversion Weir of Hamura takes water from the Tama River and supplies it to the water supply.

It is not so crowded because today is a weekday.
There are may food stands, where you can buy some snacks to eat and beer or other beverages to drink. They also provide tables and chairs for eating.

This kebab is wonderful; delicious and stuffed with a lot of chicken.

A footbath has tentatively been set up to offer hot spring service to visitors for free, and a monkey showman and his companion provide fun time.

This wooden frame is called Ushiwaku, which is sunk in a river and fixed on the riverbed for the purpose of flood control.

This is the Diversion Weir of Hamura.

These statues are the Tamagawa brothers, who were greatly contributed in supervising the construction of Tamagawa Water Supply.

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