Apr 3, 2008

Visiting Ume Blossom Park

In Ome-shi Umeno Koen (Ome City Ume Blossom Park) located in Ome city in Tokyo, you can enjoy seeing beautiful ume blossoms (Japanese plum blossoms) in spring.

On March 27, my friend and I went to see ume blossoms in this park. The park boasts its abundance of ume trees. A total of about 1,500 trees and 120 varieties are planted.

The friend of mine was wearing kimono at this time. Look! The coordinates of her kimono is wonderful. Her ornamental hairpin represents ume blossoms, which are not ordinal ume blossoms but bluish ones. The city, where the park is located, has the name of Ome, and the meaning of Ome is a blue Japanese plum.

This time, we brought a bottle of Sake to drink under blossoms. We also brought some food. Drinking sake under sakura or ume blossom trees is an outdoor activity that are loved by a lot of Japanese people. It is great fun to enjoy the flavor of sake and scent of ume blossoms at a time.

-- Today's Sake --
Fujisan Yusuijikomi Tokubetsujunmai Shuzenjionsen Koshin from Fujinishiki Sake Brewer Co., Ltd in Shizuoka Pref.

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