May 18, 2009

Casual Walk in Yanaka-ginza

Last Saturday, I went for a walk to the Yanaka-ginza district near the JR Nippori Station.
A short walk from the Nippori station brings you to the stairs dubbed "Yuyake-dandan (Sunset Stairs)." The Yanaka-ginza street starts from the point just below the stairs.

Look! A big white cat is sitting on the roof of the store. Oops! It turned out a figure.

Different shops lining both sides of the street are carrying different daily commercial goods. Some food stores here and there are selling mouth-watering fish, tofu, and tofu-related food.
Agar jelly, croquettes priced at only 30 yen, and other fried foods are good for eating while walking around.
I found a shop selling chilled beer. And suddenly I felt thirsty. This beer was so nice!

It's nice to see this shopping street is enjoying brisk business while many people are suffering sluggish economy.

Today's Sake
Yamahai Junmai Okuharima (Shimomura Syuzou)
After enjoying walk in the street, I dropped in an izakaya restaurant close to the Nippori Station just for light sips of sake and had this sake.
This exhibits characteristic acidity deriving from the yamahai yeast starter was and full-bodied flavor.
Rice used: Yumenishiki
Seimaibuai: 55%
Alcohol: 16.5%

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