May 20, 2009

Memories of Sake Cap Play

Hello everyone. Thank you for reading my blog.

This time, I write something retrospective about my boyhood. When I was an elementary schoolchild, we often played with sake caps.
Cork, which has been replaced with plastic material, was normally used for sake caps in the old days.

For the sake cap play, only the crown parts of sake caps are used. The parts that are to be inserted into the mouths of bottles must be removed with a knife or the like. Sake cap crowns, like trading cards in a trading card game, are to be booty of a game that is held between players.

How to play the sake cap play is simple. The defense player sets a sake cap on a flat horizontal place. The offense player sets the rim of his/her own cap on the rim of the defense player's cap, and then press down the rim to turn over the cap of the defense player. If the offense player can successfully turn over the cap of the defense player, he or she earns acquire the cap of the defense player.

It was interesting for me in my boyhood day to collect sake cap crowns on which various brand names and designs were displayed. When sake bottles are placed out in front of the kitchen door, I always checked if there were good sake caps. When I found a nice one, I was quite happy. Sometimes, I found good designs but was disappointed because the caps were made of plastic material.

Thus, I became acquainted with many sake brands although I was a little boy and never drank sake at that time. I think that this was probably the experience that interested me in sake for the first time in my life.

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