May 27, 2009

Walkway from Station to Brewery (2)

Hello, everyone.

Lately, I drink too much and feel I need some exercise. To satisfy my drinking need and prevent the lack of exercise, I encourage people to walk before drinking!

This time, I introduce a walkway to Ishikawa Brewery. The brewery is located in Fussa City, where Tamura Syuzoujou, which I already introduced in the previous article, is also located.

Let's start at the north exit of the Haijima Station of the Seibu Line. First, visit the Nikkobashi Park and its adjacent Mizukuraido Park. Then, walk across the Ome Line and Itsukaichi Line to reach the Fukushoin Temple. Then, visit the Kumagawa Shrine and Mori-no-bijutukan Museum. Continue walking to the Tamagawa-ryokuchi Fussa Minami Park beside Tama River via the Shitanokawa-ryokuchi Seseragi-yuhodo Park. A few-minute walk from this Minami Park will bring you to Ishikawa Brewery. At the Italian restaurant on the premises, sake fresh from this sake brewery and draft beer also made in this sake brewery are waiting for you.

1. Nikkobashi Park and Mizukuraido Park
Enjoy walking along the Tamagawajosui Water Supply Channel in a thicket. Halfway, you will find an artificial rock that provides climbing holds on its surfaces. You can enjoy free climbing here. In the thicket, there is a bird-watching hide.

In the channel, carp are swimming and ducks are floating on the stream.

In the Mizukuraido Park, there is a trench remnant that was dug during the Edo period. This trench was intended to be used as a part of the Tamagawajosui Channel, but it turned out that the ground around this point quickly absorbs water and the trench could not convey water as it had first been expected. So, the plan was modified and a new roundabout course of the channel was built in the current place.

2. Vicinity of the Kumagawa Dori Avenue
There are Fukushoin Temple, Kumagawa Shrine, and Mori-no-bijutukan Museum along the Kumagawa Dori Avenue that runs in parallel with and to the west of the Okutama Kaido Street.

3. Shitanokawa-ryokuchi Seseragi-yuhodo Park
This park has a very long, narrow area along the foot of the river terrace extending north and south along Tama River. It ranges from around the point where the JR Itsukaichi Line runs to the Mutsumibashi Dori Avenue. This time, we walk only a southern part to the Mutsumibashi Dori Avenue.

4. Tamagawa-ryokuchi Fussa Minami Park
This is a turf-covered park established on the broad riverside ground of Tama River. Some are spending a relaxing holiday with families, and some are enjoying a ride on bikes.

5. Walk from the Minami Park to Ishikawa Brewery
Walk southward in the Tamagawa-ryokuchi Fussa Minami Park from the Mutsumibashi Dori Avenue, and find halfway a path that climbs up on the river terrace. This way brings you to Ishikawa Brewery soon.
You can drink sake or beer there. In my case, I felt thirsty after a long walk, and preferred draft beer to sake. Of course, I guarantee sake of this brewery is nice.

Click a marker on the map below to see the photo for your information when you walk this route.

より大きな地図で 酒蔵のある散歩道(石川酒造) を表示

Today's Sake
Nojun Genshu (Kitayasu Jozo Co., Ltd.)
Quite impressive sake with a rich taste. It has a remarkable bitter aftertaste, and it maybe goes well with food possessing an intensified taste.
Alcohol: 19%


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