May 13, 2009

Hanging Tray Attracts People's Attention!

Hello everyone. Thank you for reading my blog.

An article of my blog in the past introduced the hanging tray, which I used in the Jizake-matsuri Shoka no Jin (early summer sake festival) sake-tasting event recently held at the Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo close to the Ikebukuro Station.

I hung my tray on the neck, received a small sake cup and packed lunch at the entrance, and entered the hall. I joined the event at around 5:30 and the venue was already so crowded as you see in the left picture below. There is an empty pit in the lunch pack. What is this pit for? Oh, I see. I can put my sake cup here.

Carrying the lunch pack on the tray and waling around in the venue, I ate my food and tried different sakes alternately. Then, people approached me and asked me about the tray saying like, "Oh, it looks convenient." When I was asked, I explained about the tray with pleasure saying, "It's quite useful. I can move around for sake tasting while eating food. I can put my digital camera on the tray."

I was taken a picture with the staff at the Ena Jozo booth. It's a pity that my vaunted tray was behind the card board displaying information of the brewery and its brand name "Kujiranami" and the tray was not seen in the picture.

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