May 7, 2009

Hanging Tray Useful for Sake-tasting Event

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You may have visited a sake-tasting event, where you may have had to move around to visit different booths of different sake breweries. Holding your sake cup in your hand, you probably want to take some pictures, take notes about sake you taste, or do something that require your both hands. In such a case, a hanging tray is a useful item, which I am going to introduce in this article.

The hanging tray is intended to be hung down from your neck when it is used. I brought this hanging tray to Niigata Sake no Jin 2008 and Niigata Sake no Jin 2009.

The can be used in the following purposes:

1) Put your sake cup for a while.
2) Place your memo pad on the table and take notes.
3) Put some snacks and eat them where you cannot find a table and chair to sit on.
4) Put your digital camera.

This hanging tray can easily be made. Prepare a melamine tray of a good size. Bore holes in the four corner of the tray. Attach string to the holes.

The melamine tray is quite hard and it was difficult for me to bore the holes.

In my case, first I loosely tied short strings to the four holes to make small loops at the corners of the tray, and I ran another string through each loop and tied one end of the string to the other to make a long loop. When you hang the tray from your neck, adjust the tray so that it is kept horizontally. The lengths along the string from your neck to each corner are adjusted to the best lengths.

If you just want to put your cup and some snacks, you can use a Tupperware box instead of a tray.

Next Monday (May 11), a sake tasting event "Jizake Festival Shoka no Jin" will be held at the Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo. I plan to attend the event with this hanging tray. If you see me at the venue, feel free to approach me. I will be wearing kimono and this hanging tray.

Today's Sake
Fukumasamune Junmai Kanjuku Karakuchi (Fukumitsuya Sake Brewery)
I hear that all the sake made by this brewery is junmai sake.
I feel that the taste of this sake is a result of the efforts to fully extract the flavor of the rice. This sake is enjoyable and easy to drink.
Seimaibuai: 70%
Alcohol: 15 - 16%
Sake meter value: (+)2
Acidity: 1.6

There is no photo of this sake. Please visit the site:


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