May 20, 2009

Let's Drink Nigorizake Merrily!

Last year, a person who was working for Ozeki Co., Ltd. attended our Christmas party (read the article of the Christmas party). He kindly brought a cask of sake to the party. The sake tasted crispy and, due to the cedar cask, it smelled fresh. It is said that regular sake acquires the scent of cedar and turns fragrant, after being stored in a cedar cask for a week or so. Actually, the cedar scent was so nice.

I feel that, while sake from microbreweries in various places in Japan is of course enjoyable, sake connoisseurs must evaluate sake from major companies such as Ozeki without prejudice.

Speaking of Ozeki, I was recently given a bottle of nigorizake named "Josen Karatanba Aragoto" of the same company, and I drank it Monday.

Having been stored in a fridge, the upper part was less clouded.

First, I had a cup of the less clouded part. It was quite dry.

Then, I had the next cup after shaking the bottle sufficiently.
The sake tasted a bit young, which was not bad. Also, I felt fine particles of moromi on my tongue.
In spite of high alcohol content, it could be drunk easily.

Very soon, I emptied the 720-ml bottle.
Oh, it is fun to drink nigorizake!

Today's Sake
Josen Karatanba Aragoto (Ozeki Co., Ltd.)
Please see the description above.
Alcohol: 17 - 18%

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