May 5, 2008

April 26, I accompanied kimono ladies to Kameido Tenjin Shrine, where Fujimatsuri (wisteria festival) was being held.

This day, we had a dress code; we had to wear kimono that had the color of wisteria violet. But I did not have any kimono including violet! OK, I wore violet tabi socks!

Hey, have a look at these beautiful kimono ladies!

You can't see any kimono ladies? It may be difficult to find these ladies wearing violet in front of violet wisteria flowers...? But something is strange. Even I can see no one! Oh, I put a wrong photo!

This is the right one.

The ladies were enjoying various coordinates of kimono having the violet color in their kimono patterns, obi belts, or ornamental hairpins. It must be fun to enjoy various coordinates of kimono from season to season.

It's pity that men's kimono is not so colorful and fancy as women's kimono. I was again wearing the striped cotton kimono this day. I wish I could wear women's kimono!

Now then, Kisa, what are you wearing today?

Oh, good! You're wearing cherry blossoms against the purple background. The motif of your ornamental hairpin is wisteria. And what sake are you drinking? I see, today's sake is Masumi.

Today's Sake
Masumi (Miyasaka Jozo Co., Ltd.)
Detailed data is not available. However, Masumi is famous for the fact that Kyokai Kobo No. 7 was found in moromi of the sake brewery making this sake in 1946 and that No. 7 kobo has widely been used across the country.

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