Dec 13, 2009

Yamasake 4-go Tamura

Tamura Syuzoujou shipped its first brew of "Yamasake 4-go Tamura Namazake" on December 10. Having been making Junmai Ginjo Tamura using the rice named Ginginga, this brewery added a new Tamura, which uses Yamasake 4-go rice, to its product lines in this brewery year.

Yamasake 4-go Tamura Namazake is limitedly produced and sold by subscription, and I needed to order this bottle before its shipment. Recently, the liquor shop brought the bottle to me, and I tasted it yesterday.

The first aroma note is mild but smells like melon, at the same time, it suggests that the taste is clean and dry.

I feel the sake somehow sweetish to my palate, but the sake meter value is actually +5, which is rather dry. The sake also tastes clean. The acidity, by the way, is 2. When swallowing the sake after holding it in mouth for a while, I feel briskness and sturdy astringent bitterness in the deep part of the mouth, which refresh my mouth. A little bit higher alcohol content makes me feel somehow warm in my stomach.

In terms of richness in taste, I am in favor of the Ginginga version, but Yamasake 4-go Tamura is more interesting. This sake has just shipped, and may change in its taste as it is mellowed with the course of time.

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