Jan 20, 2009

Sake and Indian Food?

I saw a former izakaya restaurant (Japanese-style restaurant where you can drink various types of alcohol beverages) being refurbished in my neighborhood at the end of the last year. A new signboard had already placed above the entrance of the restaurant and it read "Indian Nepalese Restaurant Dhaulagiri." Dhaulagiri is a famous mountain in the Himalayas.

In front of the entrance, a seemingly Indian guy was looking up at the signboard. I said "Hello," and had a short talk with him. According to him, the restaurant would start operating on someday in the beginning of the new year. At this time, I was given a chance to have a look into the restaurant. There was a counter, and I could see a tatami-mat room in the inmost recesses. In a nutshell, they would use the former interior furnishings as they were.

Since I had been interested in this restaurant, I went in the restaurant for lunch last Saturday. A curry with nan bread or rice, salad, and a beverage cost only 708 yen, and additional servings of nan or rice were free of charge. I mean the prices there were reasonable.

There were bottles of Asahi beer, shochu spirits, Awamori, etc. on shelves behind the counter, and bottles of Sakura-masamune and Kiku-masamune on the refrigerator. An authentic Japanese-type lamp with a paper-made shade was hanging down from the ceiling in the neat tatami-mat room. These quite Japanese interior furnishings seemed to be suitable for an izakaya restaurant. However, on the other hand, I saw bottles of Indian, Thai, and other countries' beer on the shelves, and a picture of a mandala from Nepal and picture depicting Siva, Uma, Krishna, etc. from India on the wall. This was quite a mismatch, but, therefore, the restaurant was interesting.

In the evening hours, this place can make a good place for drinking. With eating seekh kabab or chicken tika, we can drink beer, shochu, and even sake! But ... , sake with Indian food? I wonder if they go well. I asked this question of some people, and they said maybe sweetish sake will go well with Indian food.

Everyone, what do you think of this question? What type of sake goes well with Indian food?

Today's Sake
Junmai Nama Muroka Kaiun (Doi Shuzojo)
Fresh flavor maybe derived from Yamadanishiki. I quite enjoyed gulping down this sake.
Rice used: Yamadanishiki
Seimaibuai: 55%
Alcohol: 17 - 18%

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