Mar 12, 2011

Three-point pulse check method

In the yesterday's evening, the cancellation of Niigata Sake no Jin 2011 (Niigata Sake Festival 2011) and postponement of the Niigata Sake Expert Test were announced on the Internet. Also, the organizer of the test called me this morning to tell the postponement of the test. Needless to say, the cancellation and postponement were as the results of the series of enormous earthquakes that hit Japan in the afternoon yesterday.

It is regrettable that the Niigata Sake Expert Test was postponed since I had been preparing for the test by training my tongue and nose for long. However, I feel such decision is inevitable in consideration of the circumstances. In addition, the service of the Joetsu Shinkansen is still suspended as of the noon today, and I'm not sure I can travel to Niigata by tomorrow for the test even if the test will be held.

I would like to express deep sympathy for those in the quake and tsunami hit areas. I watched the TV to see how the tsunami destroyed coastal towns. Cars, boats, houses, and other things are like garbage pushed toward the inland by enormous power of the sea. The tsunami easily caught up a running car, engulfed it without the slightest hesitation, and absorbed it as a part of its wide-spread body. As I saw these horrible spectacles, I was thinking that similar disasters had occurred, were occurring, or would soon occur at several other places along the pacific coast of Japan, and I could not help but really recognize how small human power was against the rage of great nature.

It is the wisest that you stay away from such rage of nature. If you can predict such grave danger and avoid it, you need not to lose your life for nothing, but how can you predict such danger?

Fortunately, there is a practical method called the three-point pulse check method (三脈の法: sammyaku no hou), which has been handed down from ancient times. It is said that the human subconscious can detect grave danger or peril that will occur within the period of a few hours to a day and that will have something to do with one's life. With this three-point pulse check method, you can take out subconscious information as conscious information.

This method varies a little bit depending on whether you are male of female. If you are male, while taking your pulse on your left wrist, take your pulse on both carotid arteries with your left thumb and index finger. If you are female, while taking your pulse on your right wrist, take your pulse on both carotid arteries. If the beats felt at the three points of both carotids and the wrist are synchronized, you are safe and no imminent peril is expected. However, if these beats are not in sync, it means that a grave peril is expected within about 24 hours.

If beats that are out of sync are observed, you should change your activity planned in the immediate future (for example, use a car instead of train, cancel your flight, etc.). Then observe your pulse again to check whether the beats become normal. Continue to change your planned activity until the beats become in sync.

Actually, I was taught this method by the trainer of waterfall training when I was practicing such training. Waterfall training is a dangerous activity because of a heavy load on your heart and risk of hypothermia due to cold water. You may stumble on a slippery rock or riverbed. What if a stone or driftwood flows down from the top of the waterfall and hits your head directly? Having been told so, I was quite scared. So, I would very seriously practice the three-point pulse check method before standing under the waterfall.

I am not sure how effective this method is. However, I can say one thing. Since this method costs not a penny, you will lose nothing even if this method does not work. However, if this method works, you will save your life!


Zen said...

Most interesting. In the practice Kung Fu and Chan/Zen we use them as a way to reconnect, a door perhaps to our instinctive nature...Could this be a another window...

いちべー said...

Zen san,
Sorry, I don't know what Chan is.
Anyway, I think a human body is something like a radio receiving various kinds of information. So, all what we need to learn is how to tune ourselves to a right frequency.