Mar 28, 2011

Tokyo Sake Site update

I run the website called Tokyo Sake Site.

There are around 10 sake breweries in Tokyo. Local sake and breweries making such sake have been closely connected with their local communities, and I consider sake breweries have been contributing to forming the local culture and custom. Thinking of such a thing, I as a citizen of Tokyo want to do some favor for local sake breweries in Tokyo. So, I have established Tokyo Sake Site, which expresses my intention to cheer up them and back up their sake.

However, I cannot achieve so great a job by myself, but only add some stuff to the contents of the site occasionally.

The following are the recent update:

Gadget for enjoying sake -- kandouko sake warmer

酒蔵見学解説英語 (kura study tour explanation in English, Japanese site only)

Especially, the web page of 酒蔵見学解説英語 (kura study tour explanation in English) presents English expressions that are likely to occur when someone gives English-speakers explanation on sake brewery facilities, sake making process, sake making tools and machines, and other stuff during a study tour at a specific sake brewery. This page contains Japanese sentences with corresponding English sentences. Originally, I intended to prepare this for myself in anticipation of a case where I need to take some English-speaking friends or acquaintances to some sake brewery, but I thought this might be useful for those who need to take their English-speaking friends to sake breweries or for sake brewers who need to accept English-speaking visitors.

Therefore, I decided put this on a page at my website. Anyone can access this information. Please feel free to use it. If necessary, I will revise or expand the contents upon readers' request or opinions. So, your feedback is always welcome.

By the way, my friend and I visited a sake brewery on March 19. This was the first-time leisurely outing since that earthquake and tsunami disaster on March 11. We got there around at noon and had some beer (this sake brewery also brews local beer) and kamekuchi nama sake fresh from the brewery. Toast in hope of the early recovery of the disaster-stricken areas and Japan!

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